Protect your brand

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Recently I was asked “what’s the difference in an IT Director and a CIO?”

Its a great question and one that older established organizations struggle with.  The CIO may be viewed as just the IT guy, or someone  that “knows computers and technology.”  But really what is in a name?  Why is it important to protect the CIO brand?

The most common reason established organizations struggle with this is due to organizational culture and history   Who filled the role in prior administrations? How did the leader present himself to the organization?  History and culture are two critical points to keep in mind.  Your peers will try and brand you however,  it’s vital that you protect your brand and YOU define your role.

My role is a business enabler.  I am a partner and automation evangelist.  Yes,  I must protect the core, maintain the reliability and stability of the infrastructure, ensure we have implemented effective service management,  and provide excellent customer service, but there is so much more that we are capable of.  How do I move the organization forward? How do I help my customers improve their operations? How do I bring value to my clients and customers?

I do all these by establishing great relationships and constantly protecting my brand.  I’m not “the computer guy” but a valuable resource, a wealth of organizational knowledge, and a business partner that understands your business and your challenges.

I am your Chief Information Officer…